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​​​Welcome to Irby Electronics! 

  •  Do you want to learn to solder and need an easy electronic circuit to make?

  • Do you want to practise your soldering skills?

  • Need some simple circuits for your electronics club?

  • Need some circuits with a wow factor for your technology “taster day”?

Then please take a look at the range of construction kits from Irby Electronics which offer an ideal introduction to the world of electronics:

  • The kits are designed to be made by someone with little or no experience of electronics. Foam board kits can be made without soldering. Track board kits require soldering.

  • Each project uses some type of light-emitting diode (l.e.d.) - it’s obvious when the circuit works as the l.e.d. lights up!

  • All kits come with a set of instructions and a safety guidance sheet.

  • Only a few tools are needed to construct the projects - pliers, wire cutters, a slotted screwdriver and, if soldering is to be attempted, a small, low power soldering iron.

  • All projects are battery-powered - either AA batteries or a PP3 9 volt battery (batteries not supplied in kit).

  • Order securely online from this Shop or from the store at here.  ​

  • ​Irby Electronics exhibits at craft fairs and markets in the Merseyside area. Please see the Irby Electronics Facebook page for details of the next event.

See the circuits in action on the Irby Electronics YouTube Channel:

Which Kit Should I Choose?
If you have never soldered before then Project 1 or Project 7 would be a good starting point for most beginners. If you are feeling more adventurous then try one of the other projects but please note that Projects 10 - 13 are for advanced beginners and are NOT recommended if you are new to soldering.

More details of the kits in the range can be found on the Projects page here.

Remember - you do not need to know how each component in a project kit works or why a component is connected to a particular part of a circuit.  For now, just have fun making the circuits and extending your practical skills. Once you have made your first circuit, you will have gained a good deal of satisfaction and you will understand a little more about components, circuit diagrams and soldering.

WARNING:   Any practical activity involves some risk which can be minimised by working safely.

The nature of the small parts in these construction kits and the need to use a hot soldering iron in Projects 7-13 mean that these kits are NOT  suitable for children under 8 years of age. 

Adult supervision of children aged 8 years or above is recommended. 

Electronic Construction Kits for Beginners

(pictures show kits after construction)

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