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Activity Sessions

I am able to travel to venues in the Merseyside area to deliver circuit construction sessions to beginners of all ages but please remember that some manipulative skill is required to make these circuits. The youngest children I have worked with have been aged 8 years and these children needed adult help at some stages to complete their project successfully.

Currently, I can offer two activities depending on the ability of the constructors:

Activity A: Constellation Construction for Beginners

This activity involves the construction of a model representing the seven brightest stars in the constellation of Orion or The Plough. 

This foam board circuit can be made without soldering. Joints are made by crimping connections together. The only tools required are pliers,  wire cutters and screwdrivers.

Solder is provided in each pack should the constructor wish to attempt soldering.

​This circuit can be completed in approximately 1 hour.

Poster for Constellation Construction Activity

This activity involves the construction of three separate circuits and uses different types of light-emitting diode.  

These circuits are made on track board and soldering is ESSENTIAL to complete the circuits. 

​These circuits can be completed in a total of approximately 4 hours.


I have sufficient equipment for a group of 15 beginners to each have their own set of soldering iron (with heat-resistant silicone cable), soldering stand, pliers and wire cutters. I would need access to mains power for the soldering irons and a water supply for wetting the soldering sponges and cooling down fingers which have touched hot, soldered joints (despite warnings!). Please remember that the circuit in Activity A can be made without using a soldering iron.

I have an Enhanced Certificate registered with the DBS Update Service.

Please contact me by email  or telephone to make a booking or if you have any queries about these activities. ​

Poster for Optoelectronics Trio Activity

Activity B: Optoelectronics Trio