When I was a youngster, I was put off from trying to make electronic circuits by the necessity, as I saw it, of having to use printed circuit boards. The process of making p.c.b.s just seemed too expensive and too complicated and so I didn’t bother.

Many years later, I discovered track board (sometimes sold as Veroboard) and I found that a wide variety of circuits could be made with this material. The range of books on circuit construction published by Bernard Babani was another happy discovery. Today, even though techniques for making printed circuit boards at home have advanced considerably, I am still a fan of track board and do not want to make my own p.c.b.s.

I started developing Irby Electronics as an online business in 2015 with the aim of producing electronic construction kits suitable for beginners with little or no experience of electronics and soldering. I hope this website will inspire you to attempt making one of the projects and lead you to an interest in the fascinating world of electronics!

Recently, I've put some of my teaching resources onto a website run by The Times Educational Supplement. These resources can be downloaded from my Irby Maths Shop here. ​Some of these resources are suitable for self-study as they contain introductory notes, worked examples and questions for further practice. 


Irby Electronics

This website launched in February 2016.

I am John Doyle and I live in Irby, Wirral.  I retired after 33 years of teaching in secondary schools in 2014. I enjoyed my time spent teaching Mathematics and, in earlier days, I.T., Chemistry and Physics.

I ran a weekly electronics club at lunch-time in my last school. At this club, the emphasis was on developing the practical skills of constructing circuits rather than on understanding how the components behaved. This approach was successful. Many pupils enjoyed themselves by making a circuit which worked ….. and then they wanted to make another one! An interest in the theory behind the circuit sometimes followed!

Irby Electronics