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Safety Guidance During Project Construction

Knowledge and skill increase with practice. Project kits from Irby Electronics are designed for construction by someone with little or no experience of electronics and soldering. Completion of a project is intended to be both challenging and enjoyable!

Any practical activity involves some risk but if you Think SAFETY and Act SAFELY then this risk will be minimised. 


Important safety guidance is given below. Please take some time to read through it!

  • Kit packaging consists of plastic bags which should be kept away from babies and small children to avoid the danger of suffocation.

  • Each kit contains small parts, some with points, which are NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 8 YEARS.

  • Adult supervision of children aged 8 years or above is recommended.

  • Lead-free solder is used in all kits from Irby Electronics.  According to the manufacturer, this solder melts at about 230 °C.  Soldering irons operate at about 400 °C. Serious burns can be caused by hot solder and by touching the metal part of a hot soldering iron.

  • Do not let a hot soldering iron come into contact with combustible materials. If you have long hair then tie it back to prevent it touching a hot soldering iron.

  • Do not rest a hot soldering iron on a table or on its mains cable.  Always return a hot soldering iron to a soldering stand after use.

  • Do not leave a hot soldering iron unattended.

  • Work on a dry, heat-resistant surface.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area and do not inhale any fumes from hot solder.

  • Do not eat or drink when soldering.

  • Wear eye protection when soldering and when cutting metal leads to avoid flying debris.

  • If your circuit doesn’t work and the batteries become hot then you have made a short‑circuit. This is a potential fire hazard! Switch off immediately, remove the batteries  and check your circuit to find the problem before continuing.

Think  SAFETY.   Act  SAFELY.

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