Terms and Conditions

I, John Doyle, will always attempt to provide the best and most accurate information possible here at www.irbyelectronics.co.uk and in the instruction sheets and safety guidance sheet which are provided with each kit but YOU are responsible for your own actions.

Each project kit from Irby Electronics has been made many times and the circuits are, to the best of my knowledge, safe. Some components can be connected either way around but others such as light-emitting diodes, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits MUST be correctly connected if the circuit is to work properly and safely. If components are soldered into the wrong positions on the track board then the circuit is very unlikely to work! Please read the instructions for each project very carefully   

I am sorry but kits cannot be returned for a refund once they have been started.

I will not be held liable for anything which happens from the use of the information provided with each kit and on this website or for any mishap which occurs during project construction or from the use of the circuits.

Irby Electronics

Irby Electronics